Signing Off

Well my Kittens there is a saying that goes “all good things must come to an end.” I have lived a long life. A life of 12 men and I still have no fucking idea what the hell that is supposed to mean. I only wish whoever came up with this saying was still alive so I could beat them with a burlap sack full of dull meat cleavers.

If things are good they they shouldn’t end. You should ride them till THE end, not A end.

But with this rusty old saying in mind I shall say however that things here at the Mighty Keep Your Coins are not good and indeed coming to an end. I’m putting a bullet in it and killing it off forever.

I was going to give it a massive make over and keep the torch burning but instead I decided to take a page from my personal life and start fresher, better and all over again for ground zero….but not the 9/11 kind. Again, like my personal life, KYC had been slapped together now and then and was on the decline and since anywhere between a few hundred to over a thousand of you folks read it every day I thought that you and I all deserve way better and the very best so that my Kittens….is what you’re going to get.

I’m a freelance writer which means I don’t blog for fun or because I think my few ambient thoughts should be muttered into the world as a faint attempt to give me the illusion of some sort of depth. I think most of those people have too much time on their hands, usually have nothing much to say and they say it far too loudly and often. A note to you people. Please stop. Nobody cares about the daily minutia of your lives. It’s annoying and your writing stinks worse than a anchovies vagina.

I get paid for this bullshit (usually very poorly sometimes with booze or slightly used weapons) but paid just the same. With that in mind it’s time to ratchet this shit up one big notch.

So my Kittens hold back your tears, put the gun down and away from your heads and cease all of your cries and wails. As always, I am taking care of you so I am proud to announce that I have given man-birth to not one but two mightier and vastly superior blogs…….

THE DAILY SUMO and it’s bastard brother AARDVARK MAGAZINE.

The Daily Sumo is a new daily read that will take the place of Keep Your Coins, but far greater and with more columnists and Aardvark Magazine hopes to be the Saturday New York Times….if it woke up hungover and in a really bad mood. There’s even an editors page so you can keep up on readers favorites like the weekly mailbag section with our friend Darwin The Mule.

Basically they are the blogs that I have always wanted to read all in one place but just aren’t there…until now.

What can I say Kittens it’s been fun and I want to thank you all for reading Keep Your Coins, I Want Change….I really do. I still don’t think all good things must come to an end, but maybe we should take Frank Sinatras advice and always leave a party while it’s swingin instead.

Cheers folks, and be sure to head over to The Daily Sumo and Aardvark Magazine. I promise to give you all your moneys worth (you cheap bastards) and to keep you entertained.



~ by jeff on May 14, 2010.

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