Billy Bragg

“You can’t defeat the Axis of evil by putting smart bombs in the hands of dumb people.”

Ladies and Gentlemen….Kittens around the world, I offer you one Mr Billy Bragg. A genius who walks among us.

Now here is Mr Billy Bragg telling people at Speakers Corner in England recently why he has decided not to pay his taxes. You really need to watch it and listen to why he has decided not to pay taxes. Many of you may agree. Many of you will disagree, but either way you cannot deny this man can sure make a point and belt out a good tune at the same time.

…..tap…..tap….tap….tap….for those of us waiting for you to finish watching it, a brief intermission.

Now that you’ve watched the footage, Billy as usual made a great set of points.

Sadly though like many people, he missed the all important bonus round.

It’s like this Kittens.

Billy and most average Billies are pissed off that the banks and insurance companies who were roasted by massive losses and needed bailing out are still paying their top people bonuses.

Not only that, they are paying them big fucking bonuses. More than most of us will see in one lifetime, these people are getting on one pay cheque.

Most of us don’t like this very much because it pisses us off that our money bailed their asses out of the fire, but here is the thing.

They earned it.

Banks are in business to make money and they need their top earners more than ever. That’s how it works. They have a debt to pay back and the best people are earning the money to pay it back.

The banks and insurance companies are paying it back as quickly as possible so they can go back to doing what they do best. Fucking the rest of us over.

It isn’t the fault of the top earners that their bank screwed the pooch, and surely they would find another job in a heartbeat somewhere else but they stuck by their employers, made as much of our money as possible for them so they could repay their debt to the governments.

They worked their asses off and if it was you that exceed to such a high degree, you would want your money as well.

Sorry Kittens, that is just one of those sad facts of life that you may as well get used to right now.


Now that the banks and insurance companies are paying their government loans back so very quickly you may want to ask yourself a bigger question. One that Billy missed slightly.

Why be pissed off at the banks and insurance companies that you use, you pay money into, you accept their increasingly shitty deals and who arbitrarily have more control over your lives than any government ever will aside from one under marshall law?

You people… people took their loans.

You took their loans for houses and trinkets and televisions and Disney wallpaper and vacations and rub and tugs and singing dildos and every other consumer abomination you couldn’t afford and like any good businesses they took your money.

You ran up credit cards you couldn’t afford, didn’t bitch and boycott your sellers when they raised service fees, or bought fewer cars to insure on credit from a bank…you couldn’t even live without that pair of fucking sneakers with somebody elses name scrawled all over them. You wanted it all, they delivered for as long as they could and now you think it is their fault that they supplied the crack for your habit.

It is like watching a junkie complain about the high crime rate.

Not that they are without guilt.

They took a risk on you people and like anyone who risks the bank on greedy consumer human mammals….they lost their Saville Row shirts.

Not that watching any of it happen was a bad thing from your humble authors perspective.

Frankly I think it is funny when you people lose your homes and those companies go tits up. I love it when the government has to step in and bail out entire industries and pretend that they are doing it for the people, when all they are doing is loaning their owners some money, kind of like paying forward to their pimps.

It’s like voting.

I don’t vote and thus do not contribute to the problems of society. I am not invested in the out come at all because mostly I do not see any margin for improvement and also it is a exercise in mass propaganda and hypnosis.

People like to say that people who do not vote can’t complain but that is flawed logic.

People that vote put into the very people into power that screw you over and fuck it up.

As a man who has been of voting age for many years I can safely and historically point out that life has not gotten any better as a voter or not.

The word isn’t safer, life isn’t cheaper, more poor people aren’t being fed, fewer wars aren’t breaking out and the table isn’t any less rigged. Since I have of voting age there world has not gotten any better because of anybody who has been elected anywhere.

The Soviet Union and East Germany didn’t fall because of any politician, it was because of the people.

Barack Obama was voted into power as the man who most people who voted for him believed would change their lives for the better and guess what? It hasn’t happened. Not because he isn’t a good qualified man, but because people aren’t doing anything for themselves. A point he himself made.

It’s all bullshit because the people who own the world are not interested in you having a better life and it has been that way forever.

Consider that in a truly enlightened democratic society free health care and a university education would be to the benefit of our society.

We would produce healthy smart voters paid for by our tax dollars and it would benefit society as a whole, but our governments and corporations do not want that.

They want people who are rich enough to pay for education and sick enough to be kind enough to die off fairly early so we do not have to pay for pensions. An educated healthy person who can live to be 123 and collect a pension costs money. Lot’s of it. Their money that they take from the voters and workers.

A person who is smart enough to to punch a clock and complete a few tasks yet dumb enough to be lead into a mega mall because it says “big fat fucking sale” and consume as much goods and fast food will die sooner and deeply in debt. Debt that the banks pass onto their kids, and an early death their government doesn’t have to cut a pension cheques for several extra years.

Think of it like the pro-life movement in America.

Lots of people who do not like what free women do with their bodies so they try to tell them what to do with them. There isn’t many rich white women offering to have poor black babies stuffed into them so they can carry them to term.

Nope. They care about them until they are born and then happily let the state raise them so live poor black babies can grow up to be poor dead black workers and soldiers.

That is always when the sanctity of life doesn’t mean much.

It is sanctity when they are making sure they come into the world, but not very much when they are doing anything about the babies who actually have to live in it like a university education or proper health care paid for by their fellow man and not into a system that decides who gets what based on profit.

If you can manage to get deeply into debt to pay for your education and then transfer that knowledge to a company who effectively owns you so that you can pay your debts until you die then you are a prime asset.

Add on top of that a mortgage you can’t afford, credit card debt because you had to fill your life with stuff from the mega mall and even more stuff for the house you can’t afford to put in the house your kids will end up paying for after you die early from a heart attack due to stress, a bad diet and never getting out of your car except to golf and then eat at a theme restaurant.

Billy is right to be nice and pissed off at the raw deal he and his fellow man is getting and anyone should applaud a person who takes a stand.

I’m all for him not paying taxes but not because he doesn’t agree with bankers who achieved success for their employers receiving massive bonus for their diligent work in screwing society over.

He says he no longer feels represented and in solidarity with the people who represent him. That is why he shouldn’t pay his taxes, because his best interests as a tax payer are not being full filled by his government and never will.

It also would have been worth pointing out that the banks who are making the bonus are making those bonuses because the people who use them, are continuing to accept the control the banks have over their lives and maybe instead of worrying about bonuses and not paying taxes, their government should step in and curb the control the banks have over their customers.

This of course will never happen because banks have customers, who choose to use them and are not actually forced to use them unlike paying taxes to the government. It will also never happen because the biggest customers the banks have….is your government.


~ by jeff on February 12, 2010.

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