Earth Day Part Duh

Today is Earth Day and whoopdie fucking doo. How did you spend it? Did you plant a tree? Recycle your flat screen television into a biodegradable electric car? Go get a free coffee from Mc Donalds? Did you walk around with an overly earnest sign on a stick and accompanying t-shirt while marching for a cause that shows how much you care about the planet one day a year? Did your employer hand out a trinket to raise awareness of the fact that you live on a planet? Chances are that you did at least one of these things today and you didn’t change a damned thing because of it.

People enjoy Earth Day apparently. In my neighborhood today folks were marching whilst wearing matching t-shirts and waving matching signs about water. I’m not sure if they were for or against water, or that they think they can walk on it, but they wanted everybody to know that they care about water. The folks at my wifes work think it’s just fucking dandy as well. She works for a bank and they gave all the employees a box. A box that contained a seed for clover. It seems they are making everyone grow a clover in order to save the planet. A fucking clover and some waving signs are saving us from ourselves. Jesus fucking christ.

Awareness campaigns are killing the planet and ourselves, plain and simple. The emphasis on feeling good rather than doing good is accomplishing nothing more than feeding peoples guilty honky need to participate in one dimensional pleasure seeking narcissism.

Consider for a moment the cost of a bank handing out little boxes of clover seeds and what it accomplishes. Did the planet suddenly right itself today? Does the sky look any more ozoney? Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on fucking clover seeds so employees of a bank could feel all skooshy about Earth Day. The products were manufactured, people were paid to assemble them and the money was spent. The people that want Africans to have clean water spent a hell of alot of money on signs, t-shirts and posters and I assume bottled water to bring along with them on the march. How much of the combined money spent on either of these two retarded awareness campaigns could have been used to actually dig some fucking wells and bring some clean water to actual people rather than just create more consumer crud that will end up in landfills just so some dozy motherfuckers can feel good about themselves? Today the world over goofy shit like this is happening so people can feel just swell about themselves and while the cash register rings, nothing is actually being accomplished.

Today my wife and I celebrated Earth Day the same way we do with Valentines Day, by doing absolutely nothing. We don’t need a day, a Hallmark card and some candies to say I love you once a year. We tell each other how much we love each other least fifty times a day, and we mean it. We spend Valentines Day living our lives the way we choose to every single day. This Earth Day was no different.

If Earth Day is about energy conservation and reducing our carbon footprint, how large was yours today? What did you barf all over the planet? How much shit did you throw out, combust into the atmosphere from your car or purchase in polystyrene packages spend on consumer goods? As a proud drop-out from society I can share how we spent ours and what our carbon footprint has so far today. This Earth Day we threw out two napkins. That’s it.

My missus and I woke up today as we always do, pressed some fresh coffee in our bodum and began our day. No coffee filters or store bought coffee, a bodum. I brought some to work with me in a thermos as well. We took the TTC to work after walking the kids to school and then made our favorite lunch plans. We went to Queen st where we didn’t eat at a chain restaurant, we bought some hot dogs and went to The Horseshoe for a beer. No corporate chain meals or clothes, we just used up two napkins. The bartender didn’t give me a new pint glass for my second pint, I reused my original one so access soap wasn’t wasted. For dinner we’ll be digging into the freezer and pulling out something we bought from a market that was packaged in paper, not a heaping amount of supermarket packaging. We won’t drive anywhere today, go to any drive thrus or throw out any Earth Day signs that we got on a march for water.

Maybe if you people who like to pretend you are doing something for the enviroment actually lived a life where you only produce a couple of napkins per day as a carbon footprint instead of doing things so you can feel good about yourselves, the world might actually become a better place, and not just feel like a better place.


~ by jeff on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “Earth Day Part Duh”

  1. Earth Day is in a sorry state. Even Earth Hour was a relative failure. People need to wake up and realize the power is in their own hands.

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